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About HMC
The Houston Chamber of Commerce is a diverse group of leaders and businesses

developing and nurturing greater prosperity for the community we serve.

Photo credit: Grace VillamilWhat We Do

The Chamber provides our members with a platform to accomplish their business goals.  Belonging to the Chamber increases a member’s opportunity to network, develop professional and personally, build a referral base and increase their visibility. A recent study from the Shapiro Group shows that consumers are 49% more likely to think favorably of a Chamber Business and 80% more likely to purchase goods or services from the company in the future. (Source)

Our Organization
helps create jobs through stimulation of industrial and commercial growth.  The Chamber partners with Texas Workforce Commission, area schools, Service Corp of Retired Executives and local and state leaders to identify opportunities and advocate for business.  


The Chamber is a voice for small business and keeps abreast of issues that affect the business climate and alerts membership to resources that may assist in their resolution.


We also assist in bringing new business to the community by acting as a resource to the business principals and leaders.

The Chamber serves as a resource for membership and provides referrals from a trusted network of business men and women.

How We FunctionFrom Wikipedia

The Program of Work done by Chamber is decided by the members and the Board. Studies of community needs are made and a blueprint for action is developed. The Program of Work is facilitated by the Chamber's volunteer staff and committees under the direction of Committee Chairs. The goal of the Program is always to create more prosperity and opportunity for all members. Every member has a voice in determining the Chamber’s work, policies and projects- and every member is needed to work to get the job done!

The Chamber functions under the direction of the Board of Directors.


The Board consists of 12 members. Officer positions include the Chairman of the Board, the Chair Elect and Treasurer. The Board may also elect Vice Chairs as needed. The Board meets once a month and is charged with the governance of the Chamber.  

Currently the Programs of the Chamber include:



  • Monthly Business After Hours
  • Quarterly General Membership Meetings and Lunch
  • Monthly Board Meetings
  • Monthly Ambassador Committee Meeting Meetings
  • Monthly Senior Services Alliance meetings & breakfast
  • Ribbon Cuttings for New Business
  • Yearly Fundraisers - Like our Annual Golf Tournament

Who We Are

The Houston Metropolitan Chamber is a voluntary organization of businesses investing their time and money to improve the economic, civic and cultural well-being of the community.  Through this investment, the individual volunteer, company or corporate sponsor increase their business; expand their profile and value and in turn accomplish their personal and professional goals. Everyone shares in the benefit created by the growth and prosperity generated.

The dues structure is designed to permit even the smallest business to be a member. The work of the Chamber is financed by the investment of individuals and businesses that support it. The Chamber is not part of the city or the government. It is a unique organization and it belongs to the members.

The organization is composed of members, a Board of Directors and Committee Chairs- all volunteers who serve without pay. The Chamber maintains a small staff composed of President/CEO, administrative assistance, contract bookkeeping, IT and Membership Data Base support.

The Chamber is a service institution and a 501(c) 6 non-profit business organization. The Chamber was chartered on August 12th, 1949.

1st Photo credit: Grace Villamil, Flikr; 2nd Photo Credit: Wikipedia Commons